John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War is Coming to SyFy!

SyFy is developing Ghost Brigades, a drama based on John Scalzi’s Hugo-nominated Old Man’s War series! Wolfgang Petersen, director of Das Boot and The NeverEnding Story will oversee the show. Jake Thornton and Ben Lustig (whose last project was the Viking Santa origin story Winter’s Knight) are writing the script. Old Man’s War, which is something of a reaction to Starship Troopers, was nominated for the Hugo in 2006. It follows John Perry, who enlists with a force called The Ghost Brigades. Perry’s advanced age is not a hindrance, because technology allows his consciousness to be placed in younger, fitter bodies…thus continuing the war.

John Scalzi has already secured an exclusive interview with himself! Check out some highlights:

Have you met [the writers]? What do you think of them?
I met them when I was in San Diego the other week. We sat around and had a nice long chat about the books and the TV series and adapting the former into the latter. They had smart things to say about the books, asked smart questions, and were generally, well, smart. I liked them. We had a good time and I think they will do a very fine job adapting the books.

Why aren’t you writing the script?
Because I have other things to write, including the sequel to The Human Division.

But you’re going to be involved in some way, yes?
Yes. I’ll be an executive producer on the show, and I will be having input on things.

So this is the second TV show you currently have under development, yes?
That’s correct. Redshirts is currently chugging along at FX.

So now that you’re an executive producer of two TV shows under development I bet you think you’re some sort of hot shot.
Yes. Yes, I do. KNEEL BEFORE ME.

You can (and should) read the rest of the interview over at Scalzi’s blog. Ghost Brigades will join Dominion, Ascension, 12 Monkeys, and The Expanse in a sci-fi-heavy line-up that we’re excited to see!

[via Hollywood Reporter]


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