It’s Harry Potter’s Birthday — Let’s Celebrate With Fan Art!

One of my favorite aspects of fandom has always been fan art. And since it’s Harry Potter (and J.K. Rowling’s) birthday, it seemed the perfect occasion to flood the gates with gorgeous/moving/hilarious Potter fan art, like you see above. That piece, detailing all seven of Harry’s years is by DeviantArt user palnk.

More treats below!


Acciobrain’s website is no longer functioning, but she made some of the most amazing HP fan art the internet had seen. Nearly everyone from the books had a few sketches, but of particular note were brain’s depictions of the Weasleys and especially the long-suffering Malfoy family. Here they are, directly after Voldemort’s first defeat, trying to blend in again. (Hush, Draco):

Harry Potter, Acciobrain, the Malfoys


tina-lynn makes the most adorable Marauders on the web. Who knows what they’re spying on here, but the expressions tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the quartet’s personailities in one image:

Harry Potter, Marauders, tina-lynn


There are so many great pictures and sketches in burdge’s DA gallery, but this one is beautifully detailed and comes directly from a scene in Order of the Phoenix. Harry’s had enough to deal with this year:

Harry Potter, Harry and Dumbledore, burdge


The trio as they might look from the mind of Tim Burton. There was just no way I could omit this gem from Hillary-CW:

Harry Potter, Harry Ron Hermione, Tim Burton, Hillary-CW


Weasleys! All of them, the whole precious brood. Charlie, honey, you need to focus up. Also, the signatures on the photo are a great touch (with Ron’s and Ginny’s clearly done by Molly, as they’re too young to write. This portrait comes from Loleia:

Harry Potter, the Weasley family, Loleia


You gotta figure, with the way that first kiss went, Ginny probably flings herself at Harry a lot. IzziBelle righly assumes that he’d get used to it. I’m getting a sugar rush just looking at this picture:

Harry Potter, Harry and Ginny, IzziBelle


Slug Club! Here is poor Neville, trying his best to deal with Slughorn’s impossible demands. TwiggyMcBones has a real eye-catching style, with other works featuring Hermione and Ron taking their kids shopping for school supplies, and Draco making the most Draco face you ever saw:

Harry Potter, Slughorn and Neville, TwiggyMcBones


A personal favorite of mine, depicting the Marauders in their element, with Sirius giving James hell as BFFs are wont to do. viria13 so effortlessly captures this crew before their lives get torn apart. And don’t forget to check out this fantastic rendering of a night up creating the Marauder’s Map:

Harry Potter, the Marauders, viria13


And the horrific life of a professor, forced to be a Guidance Counselor for the future of wizard-kind. This must be exactly what went down in Snape’s office. So much thanks to forbis for giving us this glimpse into the daily life of the Head of Slytherin House:

Harry Potter, Snape, Draco, forbis


Amazing book illustration from glockgal. Look at Lockhart’s enraptured face! Look at it:

Harry Potter, glockgal, chamber of secrets


And for some heartbreaking, we’ve got this snapshot from RLKarnes. Ginny is presumably pregnant with James at this point:

Harry Potter, Hermione and Ginny, RLKarnes


The trio on the run, Hermione erasing the memories of their attackers in Deathly Hallows. Beautifully intricate piece by comfortablylaura:

Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows, trio, comfortablylaura


You know what can ruin your romantic moments? Having a best friend who can turn into a dog. Sirius! Thank batcii for this moment of greatness. Personal headcanon right here:

Harry Potter, batcii, James and Lily and Sirius the dog


There is a wonderful dearth of “next generation” fan art, depicting the kids and their parents, and all these wonderful new families that have been formed. This comic by anxiouspineapples proves that Harry will be the best dad to all three of his delightful children:

Harry Potter, anxiouspineapples, harry and kids


And there is so. much. more. out there. An indescribable amount. I couldn’t even fit all of the favorite artists I have, this post would have gone on for miles. In fact, when I need cheering, I usually go looking for new Harry Potter fan art. The community is that talented and that much fun.

Happy birthday, Harry! People love you so much, they will be putting your likeness on the internet for years to come.


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