Maisie Williams Wore a Dress Made Out of Comic Books to Comic Con

Plenty of women’s and fashion sites trying to get in on the SDCC coverage have been declaring that various celebrities “won Comic-Con fashion” this past weekend with their bright eyeliner, quirky geek-themed accessories, and other daring fashion choices.

But we think we can declare a clear winner, and that is Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams.

Just look at the book dress she wore to Entertainment Weekly’s party! Yes, we said book dress—and we really mean look at it, because there are recycled pages from comic books Sandman, Sailor Moon, X-Men, and many more, as well as a belt forged from a paperback of A Game of Thrones. (The above pic is of Williams at the Bookbarn International, where she initially debuted the dress.)

On the red carpet, she told reporters, “I’m hoping for a new Angelina Jolie thing, and people are gonna Photoshop their faces in my dress.” Stop being so cool, Arya. And we will.

When she wasn’t at dress-up events in San Diego, Williams took advantage of her time between panels to tour the SDCC floor. Of course, to avoid getting stopped for endless photo ops, she took a page from disguise master Peter Jackson and donned a Spider-Man mask and a Guy Fawkes mask. (Are those overalls because AHHH.)

Maisie Williams wins SDCC Comic-Con fashion Spider-Man Anonymous disguises book dress photos

[h/t Bustle]

Photos: Maisie Williams at Bookbarn International photo by Paige Mocock; @maisie_williams/Instagram


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