Get Ready For Some Winchester Karaoke—Supernatural Party at SDCC!

Supernatural is ten years old and almost to its 200th episode… so clearly they deserved a Hall H party at SDCC this year! Lets take a look at what they had to share with fans… (Hint: THERE IS GOING TO BE KARAOKE.)

Spoilers for fans who are no caught up to the end of the series—that’s season 9.

Here are your highlights:

  • Jensen Ackles (Dean) was first to take the stage, premiering a clip where Dean confronts Sam for the first time since being turned into the demon. (That’s the third episode of the season.)
  • According to Jensen, demon Dean doesn’t care as much about Baby—that’s the Impala—as real Dean. True proof that he’s pretty far gone. Might seem silly to say that about a car, but SPN fans know that car is their home. So that says quite a bit about where Dean’s at.
  • Biggest applause was reserved for Misha Collins (Castiel), and rightly so—he was visiting fans in line and bringing them coffee, per his yearly tradition.
  • Jared Padalecki points out that he’s played so many different versions of Sam, it’s nice that Ackles will get a shot at those challenges in the upcoming season.
  • “It’s Dean’s soul that’s twisted,” says Ackles. Which means that the demon version of Dean will still be familiar to fans….
  • Cas is getting weaker this season, his grace is fading. Collins says, “Early on in the season, the most important thing for Castiel is trying to help get Dean patched up – he’s more concerned about that than recovering his own powers.”
  • Mark Sheppard (Crowley) is being bumped to a regular for this season, but won’t say how much control he has over his shiny new demon. He wants to explore that over multiple seasons, he says.
  • Hints for the “musical-ish” 200th episode? They won’t say much, other than that it’s a love letter to fans. Apparently it’s not the only music we’ll be getting this season—Demon Dean loves karaoke. (YES.)
  • Collins on Ackles and Padalecki: “It’s amazing looking at photos of you from season one, because you guys were children. This is literally your entire adult life!” (Padalecki took issue with being labelled an adult.)
  • They do say that at some point Crowley is going to realize that having Dean like this is a bad idea.
  • Fans might remember that Castiel’s look was deliberately lifted from John Constantine. So how does Collins feels about that now that Constantine is going to be on television? “I’m trying to put together a little cease and desist for those guys. Granted we did plagarize Constantine for Castiel’s wardrobe, but now I think we have squatters’ rights.”
  • Osric Chau (prophet Kevin Tran) was diguised in the audience, and came up to ask showrunner Jeremy Carver when Kevin would come back! No official word, of course, but a reminder that Osric is the best. In fact, the panel bowed to him (photo via LauInLA’s Twitter):

Supernatural, SDCC 2014

  • Jeremy Carver promises a list of new a returning “very strong, very powerful” female characters. None will be regulars, unfortunately. Considering the show’s track record on killing off women… we’ll hold our breath and hope, I suppose.
  • The cast seem to agree that being on the show has made them less-inclined toward believing in the supernatural.
  • Fan asked about whether or not Ackles and Padalecki felt typecast as “manly men,” considering how hyper-masculine the show is. Padalecki had an interesting response to that: “It’s not about being girly or manly, it’s about humans going through life. I’ve cried more on Supernatural than I ever did on Gilmore Girls!”
  • And the panel received a standing ovation from the audience. Awww.

Season 10 begins early October, and beyond that, who knows? Will we be back for a 12th season panel? A 15th? Anything seems possible at this point. (Other than reoccuring female characters surviving more than three seasons. So far that’s still right out.)


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