Orphan Black‘s SDCC Panel Was Like an Endless Clone Club Dance Party

Oh, to be an Orphan Black fan at San Diego Comic Con. In the lead-up to today’s group bonding session panel, BBC America spoiled the #CloneClub fanbase with a bunch of fun events and treats: The official Orphan Black homebase had an “Alison nametag table,” “Helena buffet” (junk food, natch), “Cosima makevoers,” and rad merch. The fans also held their own meetup, which included a #CloneClub dance party that was delightfully dorky.

And the panel itself. All the feels, you guys.

Orphan Black season 2 spoilers ahead!

More than one fan, looking at photos and GIFs of the Orphan Black crew at SDCC, have expressed their surprise at the cast being so small… then remembering that Maslany plays 50% of the characters. US TOO.

Maslany got a standing ovation as she walked in, because of course she did:

Here’s what else happened when the cast and crew got together with the #CloneClub:

  • Maslany clearly loves a challenge: She said “screw that” to getting an easy season 2 renewal last year, because she enjoyed working for it.
  • She was also incredibly classy about her Emmy snub, saying, “The Emmys are wonderful, but for me, it’s more about hearing the response and love from fans. Being in this room—that’s why we do it.”
  • Although doubtless Maria Doyle Kennedy’s (Mrs. S) friends think she’s as badass as we do, after that infamous scene where she set the table… “I wasn’t invited to dinner anywhere for ages.”
  • Speaking of trust, how should we handle Paul in season 3? “I don’t trust myself,” Dylan Bruce joked.
  • He also might have a man crush on Jordan Gavaris (Felix): “We keep it professional.”
  • And if you like your man crushes a little raunchier, Gavaris reminisces on spitting on Bruce during their big fight scene: “I bottled the spit and it can now be purchased on Ebay.”
  • Gotta love that someone asked about Donny’s droopy underwear, only for Maslany to chime in, “I think Alison buys it.”
  • Also, Catherine O’Hara should play Alison’s mother. Cosign!
  • One of season 2’s shockers was that Mark was the male clone. Though Ari Millen is waiting on more intel for his new direction in season 3, he’s not worried. “Tat’s one of the most generous actors you’ll ever work with,” he said, “and I know if I ever do have any questions, she’ll be there to answer them.”
  • Will we see more of Beth? Hmm, that’d be tough to handle, seeing as she jumped in front of a train in the pilot—but “nothing is off the table,” teases executive producer Graeme Manson. He added, “There’s a ‘twist’ to Beth’s story that we look forward [to] showing.”
  • At the news that it was taking Cosima’s parents forever to get to her, more than one fan pleaded: “PLEASE DON’T KILL COSIMA!”
  • If the clones did have to die, how would they go? “Helena would eat herself to death,” Maslany said. Fair enough.
  • Kennedy on Maslany’s acting: “She’s so bloody good her own mother doesn’t even recognize her!”
  • Maslany really loves playing Rachel: “[She] is the most vulnerable of the clones, which is why she has the hardest exterior.”
  • Oh god, and then another fan presented Maslany with the “Best Actress in the World Award,” and everyone in the room got choked up.

It wasn’t part of the panel, but in an earlier interview, Maslany teared up when talking about how proud she is to play a transman, as trans clone Tony. And now we’re misty-eyed… until we remember this silly photo we came across, of Maslany wielding a fan’s glue gun with a perfect mix of Alison and Helena:

Tatiana Maslany fan gluegun San Diego Comic-Con SDCC Alison Hendrix Helena Orphan Black love #CloneClub

God bless that woman for playing comedic and dramatic in the space of a single breath.

Season 3 returns in the spring! Gah, it’ll be torture waiting that long… but at least we have the comic.

Photos: @roseeeeeeees, @laaarl (via Twitter)


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