Guillermo del Toro and Duncan Jones! Godzilla 2, Crimson Peak, and Warcraft Teasers! Legendary Pictures at SDCC

Legendary Pictures did a pretty great job of giving fans what they wanted at this year’s San Diego Comic Con panel: Guillermo del Toro garnered cheers at his appearance (as did the mere mention of Tom Hiddleston’s name) as he chatted about his new horror projects; and Duncan Jones swung by for his first-ever SDCC (aww) to talk all things Warcraft.

In addition to the directors waxing poetic, fans got to glimpse trailers for both of these projects—plus, Legendary’s Godzilla 2 and King Kong-adjacent film Skull Island!

  • The Godzilla 2 teaser was Monarch-themed—that’s the secret facility that factored into the first movie. And apparently they’re not done interfering in the matters of monsters and men, because we glimpse three creatures with the codenames… Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidira!
  • “Monarch Assessment: Conflict Imminent… LET THEM FIGHT!”
  • The As Above, So Below trailer looks to be creepy in the vein of The Descent: It’s set in the Paris Catacombs. Writer-directors the Dowdle brothers said that they were the first ones allowed to shoot in the forbidden parts of the Catacombs.
  • Del Toro on why he decided to return to horror with Crimson Peak: “I wanted to make a movie that can blend two sides of my personality.” He also called the film “an R-rated gothic romance” and said he initially thought it was too “delicate” for him to direct.
  • Even though the film is a year and a half away (it comes out October 16, 2015), del Toro decided to share some footage with fans!
  • The teaser is short but creepy, featuring Tom Hiddleston’s lovely voice narrating skin-crawling things:

“A house as old as this one becomes in time a living thing
Timber for bones and winds for eyes and sitting here all alone
It starts holding onto things
Keeping them alive when they shouldn’t be
Some of them good, some are bad
Some should never be spoken about again”

  • And a brief shot of Mia Wasikowska cowering before a blackened hand grabs her! Creepy.
  • Jones, who got to hug del Toro on his way onstage, said that the Warcraft movie is due out in 2016. They showed a very short title sequence for it.

  • Mentioning that next year will mark 20 years since Warcraft was created, he said that the movie will be an origin story: “We want to show how the world of Azaroth falls into conflict between orcs and humans.”
  • The teaser suggests that the film will take a pretty even-handed approach with both races—it’s narrated by both a human and an orc—and features more of the environment than actual war footage.
  • A brief teaser for Skull Island showed the island itself, plus footage of what is clearly King Kong, banging his chest. The movie comes out November 4, 2016.
  • No mention of Jurassic World, which wrapped filming the night before the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere this week. Weird!

Pretty impressive slate! We’re looking forward to actually seeing the footage described.


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