Here’s Your First Look at Frozen‘s Elsa on Once Upon a Time

Fringe’s Georgina Haig was certainly inspired casting to play Frozen’s ice queen Elsa, who’s abandoning Arendelle for Storybrooke on Once Upon a Time this fall. But we’ve been waiting for our first official look at the character to see if she can really channel Elsa.

White-blonde braid? Yep. Fierce expression? Right there. Sparkly blue gown? Well… we’re not the hugest fans of her costume.

Her dress is certainly intricate and brings to mind Elsa—but kind of in the way that an (admittedly upscale) Halloween costume is just a tad off from the design it’s meant to emulate. You can see it more if you look at the two Elsas side-by-side:

first look Elsa Frozen costume Once Upon a Time compare costumes

We’ve also been spoiled by excellent cosplay designs over the last few months, like these two takes:

best Elsa cosplay Frozen Once Upon a Time Georgina Haig costume

best Elsa cosplay Frozen Once Upon a Time Georgina Haig costume

It’s a small quibble, because obviously it’s still early days and Elsa’s costume will be the least of her worries. The creators have hinted that, while the Queen of Arendelle won’t get a love interest during her time on OUAT, she’s still very much in the beginning of her journey toward not being a villain.

Photo: Katie Yu/ABC

Cosplay by tomiaaa and doxiequeen1

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