Shiny! Serenity‘s Crew Will Reunite Through Firefly Online Roleplaying Game

We’ve known about the Firefly Online MMO since last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, though details on the Firefly roleplaying game have been scarce. But there’s an encouraging announcement from this year’s SDCC: The original cast is reuniting for the game!

According to io9, the entire cast will voice their original characters, with Alan Tudyk actually providing multiple voices. Now, does this mean that he’ll be Wash and other characters, or just various ’Verse-dwellers? Or maybe he’ll be Wash at several different ages and the whole thing is a time travel adventure where YOU HAVE TO WARN WASH OF HIS TERRIBLE DEATH. (Okay, it definitely isn’t that but we dare the MMO to not make that expansion now.)

Also returning is Michael Fairman, who played crime lord Niska in the series. While we don’t have a complete list of ways in whic players can explore the ’Verse, we know that one option is to work for Niska or other baddies. You can also join the Cortex to communicate with other ships and find out what’s happening.

Though let’s be honest—everyone is going to pour the first few hours into customizing their characters (there’s a fair amount of diversity), pimping their ride (a Firefly, a Kepler, or any number of ships), and outfitting their captain’s quarters (some Blue Sun and Fruity Oaty Bars posters?) before they even start to explore the ’Verse and getting in gunfights and transporting illegal cattle across the stars. (We like smackin’ ’em!)

Firefly Online released a new trailer that shows some limited gameplay but mostly polls fans—and one cameo appearance we won’t spoil—on what they would do if they were captain.

You can sign up at the Firefly Online website. At the moment, it’s having some issues loading (no doubt due to all the traffic), but it should be running more smoothly soon.

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