Betty White Admits She Was “Such a Trekkie!” Then William Shatner Showed Up |

Betty White Admits She Was “Such a Trekkie!” Then William Shatner Showed Up

Emma Loggins was on hand to report one of the greatest moments in our collective history. “Am I a geek or a nerd?” Betty White asked the crowd at the Legends of TVLand panel. “I’ll be anything you want me to be.” Oh, Betty, we just want you to be you. The Golden Girl took the stage with Donald Faison and an alternately snippy and charming William Shatner who kept ribbing Ms. White about her age. “I used to be such a Trekkie,” she mused, and finally bested the Shat by turning to the audience with this gem: “I forgot his name, he used to be on Star Trek.” Ouch.

Shatner also talked about how he landed the role of Kirk, and then mused on being an older gentleman learning technology. Donald Faison cut in to explain how to properly reward Kickstarter backers, and then Shatner told the crowd that he’s working to increase his Twitter followers.

Somehow, the topic of zombies came up, as it does, wth Shatner explaining “It comes from the idea that the dead will come back to life” and Betty White chiming in with “I never thought I’d work with zombies. Dated a few…

At a certain point in the conversation Shatner and White argued about zoos! White is a well know animal rights activist, and Shatner is a long-time horse breeder, revealing that the reason he was out on stage in a wheelchair was because he recently had a run-in with a horse. The horse won. Or so he thinks.”

Shatner seemed to come out against zoos and parks that would keep animals, saying, “The orca is telling us something, It doesn’t have to fend for itself [in Sea World, for instance] but [its] basic reason for living is thwarted.”

White replied: “I’m just not interested in us losing one more species.” Which begs the question: how did neither of them make a Star Trek IV reference??? It’s the one with the whales, for Spock’s sake! It was right there! Why didn’t they answer? Why didn’t they SING?!?

Buzzfeed’s Doree Shafrir was able to ask Ms. White a few SDCC-appropriate questions! What superpowers would she want most?

“To be able to talk to animals. I’ve come awful close.” Also, what superhero would she like to be?

“Charles Darwin.”

She wins all the cons, forever.

Betty White’s show, Hot in Cleveland, is doing an animated episode featuring zombies, because that’s our life now. Here’s a clip!

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