Barrowman Forces Cast to Keep Secrets, Superman Might Steal Oliver’s Date, and A Season 3 Preview: Arrow at SDCC!

The cast and crew of Arrow were at San Diego Comic Con to get fans revved for season 3! (As though anyone needed the help!) And what did they have in store? Well… I’m allowed to keep you in suspense before a cut.

Lots of fun had all around, and these are the highlights of the panel:

  • Did you now that Arrow is CW’s most watched show for both seasons running? I didn’t.
  • There was a sneak preview that included these thing: Roy in a full red costume, Oliver and Felicity on a date, Felicity wounded badly (the cast claims it’s only a small thing), Brandon Routh (announced as a new member of the cast some weeks back) shown bidding on Queen Industries, a footrace through an Asian marketplace (probably a flashback sequence). Here it is below!

  • Why is Barrowman back? Producer Andrew Kreisberg is a huge Doctor Who fan. He wanted him to leave and come back even bigger, just like he did in Who.
  • Season 3 is already fully mapped out.
  • Stephen Amell (better known as Oliver Queen) talked about how the show has probably been more important to him than it should be over the past two seasons.
  • Willa Holland and Colton Haynes (Thea Queen and Roy Harper) did their first kissing season immediately after they met.
  • Holland hints at some big changes coming up for Thea: “All I can say is I’m hitting the gym a little bit.”
  • The next season will delve into Diggle becoming a father, and Oliver’s desire to keep him off the front line because of it.
  • The moderator asked Barrowman what the raunchiest thing on set he’d ever witnessed was. His response to the cast on the panel: “If any one of you says anything, I’ll murder you all!”
  • Episode 8 of both Arrow and The Flash will be a joint two hour event!
  • Felicity will be visiting Central City in episode four of the upcoming season.
  • Upcoming guest stars will be important, likened to Faith’s arrival of the third season of Buffy.
  • Routh’s character Palmer will be interested in Felicity…
  • Amell claims to be jealous of Haynes’ costume.
  • Barrowman hasn’t read any of the scripts, but he assumes a lot of his arc next season will be about how much control he can exert over Thea. He has the DC encyclopedia lying next to his bed.
  • Apparently, Emily Bett Rickards (who plays Felicity) does the best impression of Oliver-as-Arrow. She’s not on hand for the panel to grace the audience with an impression.
  • There will be fewer islands flashbacks in the upcoming season, but some important things set up. They didn’t want it to just be another group of villains showing up.
  • There will be more Amanda Waller later in the season!
  • Felicity’s father is definitely not Ivo, for those who were wondering. But we will get some flashbacks from her time at MIT!
  • The first episode of season 3 is called “Oracle.”
  • Update! Saturday night saw another preview of season 3. Take a look:

And that’s a wrap! Obviously there will be more salmon ladder. THERE MUST ALWAYS BE MORE SALMON LADDER.


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