What Time is it? Time for a 7th Season of Adventure Time!

Adventure Time has just made history by being the first Cartoon Network show to be picked up for a seventh season! The show’s Comic-Con panel was the usual mixture of animation sneak peeks, virtuosic voice acting, and occasional bursts into song. Check out the highlights below!

Justin Roiland declared Lemongrab a complex, messed up guy, and gave the audience an “UNACCEPTABLE!” Jessica DiCicco (Flame Princess) told the audience she was proud to play a strong, independent female character. Olivia Olson and Tom Kenny teased Marcie and Ice King’s upcoming storylines. Will the Ice King’s memory come back? Plus, they showed a Princess Day sneak peek:

And we’re getting an episode about Jake’s parents, pre-Jake! I’m sure that’ll answer some questions…

The last animatic teased an episode that goes far into the past… before even the Mushroom War! Then they opened up for audience Q&A, so from here, there may be spoilers as they answer questions. Be warned!

  • Asked if they’d ever do a live action episode, John DiMaggio expressed doubts about wanting to wear a human-sized Jake suit.
  • However, the team does want to do a stop motion episode, so that may be something to look forward to…
  • Gunter’s cat is apparently still under Ice King’s recliner.
  • We might learn more about the origin (and dark powers) of Peppermint Butler.
  • Olivia Olson enjoyed “battling to the death” with he real-life father, who plays Marcie’s dad.
  • She’ll also appear in the upcoming Princess Day episode!
  • And finally, Olivia & Jeremy Shada sang “Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries.

Oh, and NEPTR showed up, too!

[Info from the exhaustive Cartoon Network Twitter feed!]

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