What to Expect From Star Wars: Rebels! New Info From the Cast and Crew

The creative team involved in Star Wars: Rebels came to SDCC this year to talk about what fans could expect from the new television series. And what they’ve got in store is truly exciting.

Here are highlights from the panel, including hints and sneak peeks:

  • Dave Filoni claims the Rebels will be more of an ensemble show, with less fragmenting of the core characters (i.e. adventures out on their own) like there was in Clone Wars.
  • The show does plan to deal with how the Empire handles Force-sensitive children.
  • Lightsaber fights in this show will have much more weight than they did in Clone Wars: “When you pull out a lightsaber in this time period, there are consequences.”
  • Freddie Prince Jr. (who voices Kanan on the show) says that he has a scar from playing with a toy lightsaber as a kid!
  • Tiya Sircar (voice of Sabine) claims that there was no pressure on the project because the fans have been so welcoming and supportive.
  • The audience was shown a great clip of Zeb and Ezra stealing a TIE fighter. Comedy is a big aspect of the show, tying into the sense of humor provided by the films.
  • Steve Blum (voice of Zeb) calls his character a “punk kid.” Seems as though we might be warming to some of these characters over time.
  • We’re still not sure about the background of Inquisitor in regard to his species… Filoni won’t say that he’s Utapaun…
  • The upcoming book from Del Rey, A New Dawn, gave Vanessa Marshall (voice of Hera) a lot of perspective on the period.
  • Dave Filoni: “After the Clone Wars, to the majority of the galaxy, the Jedi are traitors. Disappointments.” Ouch.
  • The tack they are taking on why the galaxy rolled over so quickly to the Empire—people were tired of war. They didn’t want to rebel, they wanted the fighting to stop.
  • How much will we see Obi-Wan? More than we did in the trailer. That’s all we’re being told.
  • There will be cameos from Clone Wars, though they won’t say who.
  • They have drawn again on the Expanded Universe (now known as Star Wars Legends), so more from the books will likely show up.
  • The show will be based in one planetary system for the most part, as they start out. They will build as the show goes on.

They screened this video at the end, which does happen to give away at least one cameo from Clone Wars. AAAAHHHHHHH:


This was given away in a prize pack at the panel. It contains info on the new site Holonet News, a piece of excellent viral marketing for the show that displays Imperial propaganda videos (image from jamesjawa on Twitter):

Star Wars Rebels propoganda

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