Meet the Most Under-Appreciated Actor in Showbiz: The Human Lens Flare

What—you didn’t think J.J. Abrams skimped and just used a lighting crew to produce all of those headache-inducing lens flares in the Star Trek movies, did you? He’s been nurturing the career of Lorenzo Flarius, a hot young talent whose unique look has earned him a spot in nearly every frame of Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. Forget the recently-announced cast of Star Wars: Episode VII—Lorenzo will be the biggest talent in the new trilogy.

This new behind-the-scenes interview from filmmaker Luke Knezevic shines a spotlight on the hardest-working spotlight in the industry. What you thought was an overdone gimmick is actually a living, breathing, blazing person with feelings, and an alcoholic dad and waitress-turned-stage-mom.

Of course, like all unique talents, Lorenzo gets blinded by fame and way too hotheaded—especially when Abrams succumbs to pressure and denounces lens flares. Then it’s lights-out.

Seriously, just watch it. It’s great.

[via Geeks Are Sexy]


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