Cool Sherlock-Inspired Dresses Promise to Burn the Heart Out of Us

If you think sporting a deerstalker is amateur hour for Sherlock Holmes-inspired fashion, then you should check out the new line of leggings and dresses from Gold Bubble, inspired by the BBC’s Sherlock. We’re chuffed to see that the designers got rather creative, pulling specific elements, quotes, and imagery unique to Steven Moffat’s series. (Not Elementary, sorry. Maybe they’ll tackle that later?)

We love the “Deduction” dress over on the right here (it also comes as leggings and a poncho). Click the photo to enlarge.

Interestingly, the 221B Baker Street dress looks kinda resembles a TARDIS, at first glance:

Sherlock fashion Gold Bubble dresses leggings deduction bored smiley face 221b baker street

The design that seems to be getting the most play is the “Bored” line, based on the smiley face graffiti Sherlock paints onto the wallpaper at 221B:

Sherlock fashion clothing Gold Bubble deduction bored smiley face

Coat not included, we’re assuming.

Our only quibble is that we would’ve loved to see one of Moriarty’s quotes printed on a dress. Just sayin’—we would buy the hell out of a “I will burn the heart out of you” dress.

[via The Mary Sue]

Photos: Gold Bubble

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