Morning Roundup Wouldn’t “Voom” if You Put 4,000 Volts Through It

It’s just restin’! British TV channel Gold is honoring Monty Python’s farewell show with a giant deceased parrot. Lead sculptor Iain Prendergast talked about his process, saying “The key challenge for us was capturing the comedy value of the dead parrot, keeping the realism of the bird whilst also adding touches like the bloodshot, stunned eyes“ which is, um, terrifying? But also great. Check out more shots of beautiful plumage over at Buzzfeed. Having said all of this, and with all deserved love for dead parrots, the Third Parachute Brigade Amateur Dramatic Society’s rendition of ”The Oscar Wilde Skit” wins everything. 

Morning Roundup is decidedly not resting. We have links and news and stuff! Fantastic Four might diverge wildly from all known comic history! Lucy continues to get science wrong! And Rainbow Brite returns for some reason! 


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