Workout Like Your Favorite Superheroes, Spies, and Slayers!

We know it can be rough to get our exercise on regularly, and we’re not going to be those Type-A people who try to convince you that it’s totally easy once you get the hang of it. But we stumbled across these awesome workout guides from Neila Rey—all for free, and most of them named for familiar characters that we know and love. There’s a legion of sets named for the spadex-clad, the super bad, and the secret sass-masters we would all like to emulate on certain days of the week.

What we’re saying is, exercising is way more fun if you can pretend to be Peter Parker while doing some weirdly modified push-ups.

Keep you back safe from Bane with this useful sheet:

Neila Rey Workout, Batman


Guaranteed to improve your next game of Super Mario Bros.:

Neila Rey Workout, Pixels


You’ll be doing backflips like a Skywalker in no time:

Neila Rey Workout, Jedi


All right, this won’t turn you into an enormouse green rage monster, but it’s probably the next best thing:

Neila Rey Workout, Hulk


Buffy’s workout is a HIIT (high intesity interval training) workout, designed to build lean muscle and burn fat real quick:

Neila Rey Workout, Buffy


You’ve arrived at the Danger Zone. Just remember, if you do this workout while guzzling martinis, you will effectively be a super spy:

Neila Rey Workout, Archer


Stick to this workout if you want to live? You’ll be back… in muscle tees? Yeah, we got nothing:

Neila Rey Workout, Terminator


For those who would prefer less bulk and more wearing of slim-cut buttondown shirts:

Neila Rey Workout, Sherlock


All Amazon all the time. Practice your lasso technique as you go on this one:

Neila Rey Workout, Wonder Woman


Browncoat workout! We warn you, that duck walk is a killer:

Neila Rey Workout, Firefly


For those who aren’t afraid of the dark… or a little pain:

Neila Rey Workout, Riddick


You’ve got red in your ledger? This is probably the easiest way to wipe it out:

Neila Rey Workout, Black Widow


And for the Dean Winchesters in your life… actually we’re pretty sure that this is the workout Sam makes Dean do every time he throws his back out from sitting in the Impala too long. Dean would never do this voluntarily:

Neila Rey Workout, Supernatural


And there are so. many. more. Like, every Avenger, and a Portal one, and one if you want to run like the Doctor. These are golden. Everything on the site is free and awesome and printable to hang on the wall for inspiration. It actually makes us excited at the prospect of sit-ups. (Just kidding. Only a monster would be excited by that.)

Hear that, gym teachers of yesteryear? This was literally all it took to get us interested in burpees.


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