Is William Friedkin Directing True Detective Season 2?

Could this be? Could the director of The Scariest Film of All Time be in the running for season two of True Detective? William Friedkin is being pretty coy in this interview with Indiewire, but he does say that he’s met with series creator Nic Pizzolatto, and that he is “a huge fan of his writing” and “likes the direction he’s taking with this.” Which is a start! After the masterful work from Cory Fukunaga last season, it would be great to see what a veteran like Friedkin could bring to the series. And at this point, we’d love to get some sort of confirmation on anything to do with TD’s next season, as so far rumors about Jessica Chastain starring in the show have been shot down, only to be followed by talk of Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch joining the new cast, which will apparently feature four leads this time. Somebody commit to something! How will we live without knowing the secret horrors of the American highway system?


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