Genevieve Valentine is Going to Write Catwoman!

You know what would make DC’s run of Catwoman cooler? Having someone as fabulous as Genevieve Valentine writing it! And we’re in luck, because it just so happens that she will be.

This is the best idea.

In an interview with io9, Valentine revealed what has her most excited about writing the character:

This is my first foray into comics, so I’m excited just to have a chance to walk with her for a little while! She’s a character close to my heart; I’m particularly looking forward to examining the nature of what it means to rule – particularly for her, since she’s absolutely got what it takes, and it’s just a matter of what happens when she reaches a line she knows she can’t cross.

There was also this to talk about, where her super (fabulous) suit was concerned:

I think that Selina treasures her free agency; the thing that drives her to get in the suit some nights is simply that she can. She has an inherent distrust of authority (particularly when it’s being misused, or in the hands of people who aren’t as smart as she is, which could be practically anyone), and the suit gives her the freedom that only comes when you’re not quite yourself. Giving up that freedom for a responsibility of this scale is going to affect her more than she thinks.

So… this is gonna be fun. Read the rest of Genevieve’s interview over on io9. We will be here, trying to contain our excitment. (And rereading her recent “Insects of Love” novelette here on the site to get a sense of how Valentine may write Catwoman.)


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