“I Volunteer as Tribute!”: Stuff YA Readers Say

Remember the “Shit [People] Say” viral video phenomenon of 2011? The original “Shit Girls Say” spawned “Shit Yogis Say,” “Shit Hipsters Say,” “Shit New Yorkers Say,” and basically a tongue-in-cheek, in-the-know video for every niche group.

Except for bookworms! Thankfully, Scholastic’s YA-championing online community This Is Teen has resurrected the meme with their new video, “Stuff YA Readers Say.” And they’ve got our number.

“—and then, since he was dropped from a hovercraft, obviously the government is involved—”

“I totally referenced that in my fanfic last night.”

“What district are you all from?”

“Hey, do you want to see that movie on Friday?”
“Uh, have you even read the book yet?”

[giggling giddily while reading in the elevator]

“I am ’shipping you and Jason so hard right now.”

The video is listed as Part 1, so here’s hoping we see either another YA-centric video, or even an SFF one.


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