New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer is Somehow Even Better Than the Rest!

Check out this even more extended Guardians of the Galaxy trailer! This movie, which already looks awesome, somehow looks better every time they release more footage. How is this possible? What feats of alchemy is James Gunn capable of??? Can he direct all the movies from now on? The new trailer features an extended (hilarious) argument between Starlord and Rocket, and a glimpse of Ronan the Accuser! Watch the full extended-ness below!

The best thing? No matter how many trailers they release, it still feels like we’ve only seen the tip of a fabulous space-opera iceberg. And is Starlord having “12% of a plan” supposed to be a callback to Tony giving Pepper 12% of the credit for the new Stark Tower in The Avengers? Hmmm….

[via io9!]



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