Guillermo del Toro Back at Work on Mountains of Madness Movie, But…

Really, there’s only one correct answer here. WE ALL WANT A CTHULHU MOVIE. And Guillermo del Toro is once again saying he’ll give us one! But, like all things Lovecraftian, this will come at great cost. Not the world’s sanity this time, but the cost of an R-rating!

Del Toro has worked out a deal with Legendary Pictures to deliver a PG-13 adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness…which is going to be gosh-darned interesting, since that means he won’t be able to show much, um, blood, or gore, or bland heroes losing all their marbles in the face of tentacular horror…but still. CTHULHU MOVIE!!! Read the first part of the interview at WSJ, and go and look at del Toro’s gorgeous concept art, first uncovered back in 2013!


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