BuzzFeed Helps Prince Oberyn Martell Get His Revenge on The Mountain

We all know how things turned out for everyone’s favorite bisexual prince Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) after he faced off against The Mountain during this past season of Game of Thrones. And if you don’t know, you really shouldn’t be reading this post, because spoilers for this past season ahead.

Post-GoT, Pascal is on to bigger and better things—like joining NYC’s Shakespeare in the Park’s production of Much Ado About Nothing as Don John—but he recently stopped by the BuzzFeed offices for some closure. There, the folks who got Matt Smith and Karen Gillan to warble the show’s theme offered Pascal a smorgasboard of food on which to vent his frustrations.

And boy, does Pascal go to town on that fruit, as he plays out how we all wish the fight had gone. You can watch the whole GIF set over on BuzzFeed, which plays out like a bizarre retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears: These blueberries are too hard to pin down… Strangling this banana looks too sexual, even for Oberyn… The nectarine is too yummy to destroy…

But this tomato?

Oberyn Martell The Mountain and the Viper revenge food Pedro Pascal GIFs

It’s just right.

Waaaugh now we’re queasy, but we’re glad that the Viper got his revenge.

Photo: HBO


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