We’ve Found Your New Favorite Peter Dinklage Catchphrase

Make room in your closet, next to your POP! Tyrion Lannister figurine and “Impin’ Ain’t Easy” poster, for the next piece of Peter Dinklage merchandise you need to buy—based on a video game catchphrase that’s even more random and hilarious than the Luigi Death Stare.

When he’s not delivering withering indictments (or telling gruesome beetle-smashing stories) on Game of Thrones, Dinklage lends that wonderful voice of his to animated films like Ice Age and the occasional video game. In the latter category, you’ll find Bungie’s first-person shooter Destiny, which is set on a ruined Earth. Dinklage plays your robotic partner/instructor Ghost, whose voice apparently lives up to his character, considering how players have complained about his wooden line reading.

But out of those droning robot tones came this inexplicable (and giggle-inducing) line:

Shh, don’t even try to figure out the context. It’s better that way.

Bungie has embraced the WTF-ness of this surprise catchphrase, making a “That wizard came from the moon” T-shirt that became its top-selling item in just an hour. Further proving that everything Peter Dinklage says and does (remember the original “Joffrey slap” video?) is meme-worthy.

[via Metafilter]

Photo: Bungie


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