Little Kid’s Futurama School Project Shuts Down NY Commuter Railroad

So…does this mean everybody shouldn’t do the Bender? The Metro-North train corridor between New York City and Connecticut was shut down this morning over a “suspicious package” that any genre-savvy security personnel would instantly be able to tell was just a box painted to look like Futurama’s cigar-chomping robot Bender Bending Rodríguez.

The unattended box was discovered on a Metro-North train running between New York City and Connecticut; NBC New York described how “someone had attached clock hands to it and painted some sort of mask with what looked like small black pupils above it.” The Bender clock turned out to be a child’s school project, accidentally left behind on the train.

Bender Futurama bomb threat school project Metro-North delays

The wait for the bomb squad to double-check that the Bender box was indeed not an explosive meant the trains were delayed for an hour or two, leaving commuters grumpy and exasperated. Which is what happens when you do the Bender. (And also when Metro-North doesn’t refund you for cancelling your train.)

Photos: Comedy Central, NBC New York


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