Legend of Korra: Book Three Trailer Revealed

Nickelodeon has released the official trailer for The Legend of Korra: Book 3. This third season is entitled “Change,” and the trailer delivers on that one-word promise. If this short video is anything to go on, season three will take the action out of Republic City and beyond the Water Tribes to focus on an event that we’ve been waiting for ever since the Fire Nation attacked.

Possible spoilers/speculation on the coming season—fair warning!

It looks like the line of Aang is no longer the last of the Airbenders. Almost everyone in this trailer Airbends, up to and including a shadowy and mysterious figure who reminds us of no one more than Fire Lord Ozai (but shouldn’t he be foreverty-seven by now?). We even see what looks like Bumi bending, although that might be a fake out. Sky Bison fly in great packs. And it’s not just Air that’s being renovated. The Earthbenders are lavabending, Korra’s learning to metalbend, the Order of the White Lotus has returned, and a familiar scar has graced our screen. Plus, those in a shipping mood get a powerful new dream for the happy marriage of Land Shark with Sky Whale.


Stubby the Rocket is the occasionally random voice of Tor.com. Stubby learned to fly from Sky Bison, wears girders shaped by metalbenders, and has flown with whale and glider alike.


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