The Millennium Falcon is Being Built Right Now

You know what this is, don’t you? You’re already giddy and we can’t exactly blame you. TMZ has some super secret set pictures from Star Wars: Episode VII, and it’s clear that the Millennium Falcon is getting a second life… and there’s more!

So here is more Falcon in about a… quarter of her glory? Make moooooore. And then open it for tours!

TMZ Episode VII set pics, Millennium Falcon


And this is definitely an X-Wing of some sort!

TMZ Episode VII set pics, x-wing

TMZ Episode VII set pics, x-wing


And this is defintely a… pig monster? A giant pig monster. Yes.

TMZ Episode VII set pics, pig alien


We hope to see more soon! And, of course, it’s exciting to see them building so much—more rubber aliens!


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