Morning Roundup: Rub Captain America’s Fluffy Tummy! Rub It!

Gail Simone has given us the greatest cosplay in the history of the universe. It’s done. We can all cede joyous defeat, as we gaze into the face of the True Captain America. LOOK AT THOSE ALL-AMERICAN PAWS. They practiced that. They practiced at home, where Winter Soldier’s all, “I have to finish my mission!” and the Cap’n Corgi plays dead but he’s a corgi so he’s still smiling cause that’s what they do and then Winter Soldier probably says “Who’s a good superhero? Is it you? Is it you? Aw, I bet it’s you!” and then Cap jumps up and gets a patriotic Snausage and and it’s just. It’s just. We have to stop. 

Morning Roundup comes to you, hands filled with Batman and Bubs and god-lizards. Will you accept? 


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