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Ask Leigh Butler All About The Wheel of Time!

We’ve reached the end of this epic journey through The Wheel of Time—it’s been an amazing five-plus years, and before we move on to the next phase of Leigh’s commentary on the series, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to the Reread with comments, questions, and encouragement along the way! From the folks who’ve been reading along since the very beginning to those of you who’ve caught up more recently—thanks so much for sharing your theories and opinions, your humor, and your own stories and experiences each week; we can’t imagine a more dedicated or passionate group of fans than the WoT regulars…

With that in mind, we’d like to throw open the floor to any questions you might have for Leigh about the Reread, The Wheel of Time, working with Team Jordan, or anything related (within reason) to these last five years of WoT-inspired conversation and commentary. Leigh has graciously agreed to read through and respond to as many of the on-topic questions as she’s able, so please post your questions in the comments here between now and 5 PM (EST) on Friday, May 16. Leigh’s responses to selected questions will be posted on Tuesday, May 20—in the meantime, have at it!


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