Rumored Title For Star Wars: Episode VII is Hilarious

Okay, it’s not Blue Harvest levels of funny… but lets just hope it’s the working title.

Reports have been cropping up, starting at Ain’t It Cool news that the title for Episode VII is… The Ancient Fear!

We’re not ruling this out, since Attack of the Clones is still very real, but… doesn’t this sound more like an Indiana Jones title than a Star Wars one? Perhaps it’s meant to parallel other arcs—it sort of seems like it could go up against A New Hope. New hope, ancient fears, phantom menaces, they sort of sound related…ish?

And what is this ancient fear? Is there a giant Godzilla monster lying in wait at the core of Coruscant, ready to rise up and attack? Some sort of Sith myth that would wipe out all Jedi? The revelation that all Corellians are secretly terrified of large bodies of water?

Come on. We can figure this out.


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