Let’s Completely Reimagine Battlestar Galactica! Again. This Time as A Movie!

Just when you thought you were safe from the cylons…

Looks like Universal is picking up where Bryan Singer left off, still determined to make Battlestar Galactica into a film franchise.

So it’s like… Stargate in reverse?

Original BSG creator Glen Larson is attached as producer of the project and Jack Paglen, scribe for Transcendence and Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus sequel, is set to pen the script. Executives have promised that this is going to be a “complete reimagining” from the original story

I’m gonna go right ahead and ask the obvious question… how is this a thing we need right now? I get it, rebooting is what we do now, but we’ve had Battlestar Galactica around in some form or another (not all were successful) for the past decade. By the way, the most recent version was a “complete reimagining.” I’m guessing the point is that it’s a reimagining of the original and not a reimagining of the reimagining, because that would just be silly.

But if Starbuck is not still a woman, I will be quite disappointed.

So… bets on where they’re planning on taking this? Should we have a pool?


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