Full Look at Dane DeHaan’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 Villain Meth Addict Green Goblin

Comic Book Movie has posted the first full look at Dane DeHaan in Amazing Spider-Man 2 after his transformation into classic Spider-Man villain the Green Goblin. The full image is below and it is ooooooogey.

First some spoiler space in case you want to wait until the movie.













More spoiler space! More we say!















Okay, here you go.

Green Goblin Dane DeHaan Amazing Spider-Man 2

AUGH. How do you go from an okay-looking teenager to that? Was Norman all, “Hey son, drink this potion that will make you look like you tried to kiss a stump grinder” and Harry was just… “Okay”? Punch him, Spider-Man. Punch him until he somehow doesn’t look like that anymore.


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