Art Featured in Spectrum 21

I’m excited and honored that has sixteen illustrations selected for the upcoming Spectrum 21 art annual, two of which are short-listed for medals. Thank you to all our artists. You guys bring a depth to that we could not achieve without you.

For those outside of the science fiction and fantasy art world, think of Spectrum Fantastic Art as the Hugos, Nebulas, and “Best of” all rolled up into one. Each year a jury selects a few hundred art pieces from the thousands that enter. Gold and silver medals are also awarded in eight categories, the winners of which will be announced at Spectrum Art Live in May. All of these images will be collected into Spectrum 21, available this fall.

Below, take a look through a gallery of the images that will appear in Spectrum 21!

Thank-you to Flesk Publications, Spectrum, and the jury. A full list of selected artists can be seen at the Spectrum Fantastic art website.


Richard Anderson
The Cartography of Sudden Death (written by Charlie Jane Anders)
Shown above.


Anna and Elena Balbusso

  • Burning Girls (written by Veronica Schanoes)
  • The Too-clever Fox (written by Leigh Bardugo)
  • Ekaterina and the Firebird (written by Abra Staffin-Wiebe)


Chris Buzelli

  • The Hanging Game (written by Helen Marshall)
  • Brimstone and Marmalade (written by Aaron Corwin)


Nicolas Delort

  • Rumor of Angels (written by Dale Bailey) This piece is short-listed for a medal.


Dominick Saponaro

  • Thief of War (written by Beth Bernobich)


Victo Ngai

  • End of the End of Everything (written by Dale Bailey)
  • Window or Small Box (written by Jedediah Berry)


Tran Nguyen

  • The Insects of Love (written by Genevieve Valentine) This piece is short-listed for a medal.


Iain McCaig

  • Mad Maudlin (written by Maria Brennan)


Karla Ortiz

  • Homecoming (written by Susan Palwick)


John Jude Palencar

  • A Terror (written Jeffrey Ford)
  • Rag and Bone (written by Priya Sharma)


Richie Pope

  • The Devil in America (Witten by Kai Ashante Wilson)


Again, thank you to the artists. I’m lookng forwrad to seeing everyone else’s contributions. Spectrum 21 will be out this fall.


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