Avoid the Hassle of War and Dragon-Breeding By Building Your Own Iron Throne!

Obviously we all want to win the Iron Throne, but who wants to go through the trouble of actually winning it? All the subterfuge, murder, scheming, murder, manipulation, dragons, murder, and murder. Over on Mental Floss, they’ve taken steps to streamline the Throne acquisition process by publishing a handy guide to building the Throne. They turned to a real swordsmith, Jack Powning, who created a detailed inforgraphic on the process. Be warned that forging all of the necessary swords is going to take about 700,000 hours, so you’ll need to start soon.

First, forge each of swords. Feel free to refere to Powning’s site for tips. Then you simply weld an iron frame together, and painstakingly attach each individual sword, and you’re almost set—now fire the Throne with some welding torches to finish it. If you don’t have the proper torches, borrow or rent a dragon to reach the desired heat.

Voila! Is it a time-consuming process? Yes. But just think: about 800,000 hours from now, your living room will have an amazing conversation piece. And you didn’t even have to sleep with a Lannister to get it! You will probably want to replace your curtain with tapestries, though…

Check out more of Powning’s swordsmithing here, for further info on forging blades for gun and profit!


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