Pic from The Winter Soldier Shows Captain America’s “Learning the Future” List

You might know that the first 11 minutes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier can now be found online. Maybe you’ve already watched them, or maybe you’re avoiding it, but either way, the screenshot below (taken from those minutes) is liable to brighten your day. Not a spoilery plot thing, just a perfect little gem.

It’s Steve’s “Thing I Should Probably Know” list that he keeps in a tiny notebook. At least, we assume that’s what it is. The list is very telling.

So here’s the freeze of the list as far as we see it:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers' list

Steve, you cannot do this to us, you cannot be this precious and write down all of the things that confuse you in a tiny red coping mechanism notebook, WE CANNOT HANDLE YOU.

At least he got around to seeing Star Wars (going by the cross off). Now we just want a long shot of him watching endless reruns of I Love Lucy in the Avengers Tower, with Tony staring at the screen in silent rage. He should have never told Steve how cable worked. Well, his cable. Which allows you to watch pretty much anything in the world from any point in time. That was a mistake.

That and letting Thor have a foosball table.


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