Johnny Depp Makes the Singularity Look Great in New Clips from Transcendence!

Transcendence isn’t just a film about Johnny Depp uploading his brain and kicking off The Singularity: it’s also a film in which a sentient computer sasses Morgan Freman. Safe to say, we’re on board. Click through to watch a surprisingly philosophical featurette! 

We’re intrigued that the Transcendence director and producers are positioning this film as a sort of think-piece about the merging of human consciousness and technology. It looks much more like an action movie with a dash of “tech-gone-wrong” horror, but we’re excited to see where it goes!

Also, how great is it that Depp immediately thinks all of his luxuriant hair back as soon as he’s uploaded? This is a man who knows what to do with immortality and limitless power.


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