Neil Gaiman is a Badger Now

Neil Gaiman is a badger now. We hate to say “I told you so” but…

Actually, Badger Gaiman over there is part of a photographic exhibition titled “26 Characters” put together by Cambridge Jones for The Story Museum in Oxford, UK. According to the museum:

Many of Britain’s best loved writers and storytellers have transformed themselves into the characters they most loved as children in our exciting new, interactive photographic exhibition.

Gaiman chose Badger from Wind in the Willows: After Dark The Wind in the Willows for “his own reasons,” but he’s not the only author pitching in! Terry Pratchett features as Just William, while Children’s Laureate Malorie Blackman appears as a fantastic Wicked Witch of the West. You can check out a full list of the authors, as well as ticket info and visiting hours for the museum, at this link. We want to go! But then again, we are giant children.

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