Morning Roundup: Whosoever Holds This Hammer Gets to Go Walkies

OMG what if Mjolnir didn’t automatically come back to Thor every time he threw it so he had to get a puppy who would fetch it but then everyone would point out that hey, that puppy needs to be worthy of the power of Thor, but Thor of course would just reply, “He IS!” Or she is. Thor puppies can be any gender. Anyway, our point is that doggies are awesome.

Your morning roundup is very loose with the videos, but you would be too if they included working hoverboards, Klingon dance parties, and Jeff Goldblum.

  • Hoverboards will be real just in time for the year 2015. Doctor Emmett Brown says so himself:

  • Of course, a dance party can’t start unless you’ve got some serious beats, like this remix of Jeff Goldblum’s weird laugh from Jurassic Park:


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