Cixin Liu’s The Three-Body Trilogy

Cover Reveal for The Three-Body Problem

Tor Books is very excited to reveal the cover to The Three-Body Problem. Stephan Martiniere, who created the cover art, had this to say about the process:

“I have always been attracted to complex and giant mechanical construct. When the assignment for the book came in I had just gotten back from Florence with tons of pictures from the Museo Galileo, which displays some incredible armillaries and other wonderful devices. The timing could not have been more perfect. All these references inspired me and gave me tons of ideas to create the elaborate construct depicted on the cover. This was a celestial experience.”

The Three-Body Problem is an award-winning series by Liu Cixin—the first of which is arguably the first Chinese science fiction novel translated into English. Liu uses the “three-body problem” of classical mechanics to ask some terrifying questions about human nature and what lies at the core of civilization. The series explores the world of the Trisolarans, a race that is forced to adapt to life in a triple star system, on a planet whose gravity, heat, and orbit are in constant flux. Facing utter extinction, the Trisolarans plan to evacuate and conquer the nearest habitable planet, and finally intercept a message—from Earth. The Three-Body Problem, due out in October 2014, will be translated into English by award winning writer, Ken Liu.


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