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Original Sketches Hiding in Copies of Words of Radiance!

Brandon Sanderson and illustrator Ben McSweeney had some free time while they were waiting in the Salt Lake City airport this week, so they decided to drop by the airport bookstore add a little something extra to some copies of Words of Radiance!

Sanderson posted some of the art on his Twitter feed, along with the locations, so hopefully some lucky WoR fan found them by now…but if not, get thee to the SLC airport! (And possibly others, as their tour continues!)

Ben’s rendition of a Parshendi. This copy was last seen in Simply Books at Gate C6 of the airport.

Close up of a Kaladin sketch. Each of these copies has a Szeth die-cut card in them too, with a Shardhunt code.

Finally, here’s a close-up of Ben’s Szeth sketch in a Salt Lake airport copy of Words of Radiance! Sanderson also numbered each copy for release day.


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