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Interior Art from Words of Radiance

Words of Radiance draws ever nearer! The continuation of Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive will be here on March 4th, but since we can hardly wait, we’re giving out more preview material. To hold you over while you wait for the release, here’s some interior art from the book.






In the first chapter, which you can read here, Shallan dived off the Wind’s Pleasure, the ship carrying her and Jasnah from Kharbranth toward the Shattered Plains, in order to try to get a sketch of the poorly-documented creature called the Santhid. Here is her illustration, in stunning detail.

Words of Radiance Santhid Ben McSweeney

Illustration by Ben McSweeney


In modern Roshar, slaves are designated by brands on their foreheads. Since Dalinar freed the bridgemen at the end of The Way of Kings, many of whom had been branded slaves, it was necessary to tattoo over their brands to indicate their freedom. This process was documented by a mysterious onlooker called “Nazh.”

Words of Radiance Issac Stewart tattoos

Illustration by Isaac Stewart


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