Adam Driver Cast as the Star Wars Episode VII Villain

As if the casting of Jesse Eisenberg as a younger (maybe social media savvy-er?) Lex Luthor wasn’t enough for you, now you’ve got the latest in surprise villain casting: according to Variety, Adam Driver of Girls and Inside Llewyn Davis is in “final talks” to play the brand new villain in the Star Wars Episode VII and probably beyond.

Most famous for his role as Adam Sackler on Girls, Driver is the master of awkward and frightening charm. Or as Lena Dunham’s alter ego Hannah Horvath once put it “I thought he was murdery in a sexy way but what if he’s murdery in a murder way?” And apparently the Star Wars powers that be have been won over by just that. The only concern you should have now is if Adam is forced to wear a mask, because if he is, he won’t be able to deliver his trademark smirk.

Speaking of his role on Girls, the final scene of the show’s second season saw Adam breaking down Hannah’s door to rescue her, not unlike a certain Luke Skywalker. If he does show up in the new Star Wars, will he be breaking down the door for other reasons?

Either way, this guy is devilishly entertaining and might, as his character on Girls would say, bring back the force “real hard.”

Photo via Vulture


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