Are You Ready for Some Star Stuff? Cosmos Returns March 9th!

Neil deGrasse Tyson is donning his shades and taking us on a glorious adventure across time and space! And, given those shades, we’re assuming that he’s ditching Carl Sagan’s shag-carpeted starship for some sort of Delorean, or at least a totally boss van. Fox has premiered a glorious trifecta of techno-driven Cosmos trailers, and we are just slightly excited.

First, the one with the sunglasses:

Next, the one with EPIC VOICEOVER:

And finally, the one that sounds like a warehouse rave circa 1997:

Seriously, all that’s missing are some serious Christopher Nolan-style  BWHAANGS. Hurry up and be March, already!

[Via io9 and TV Equals!]


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