A Song of Ice and Pokemon Makes a Strange Sort of Sense

Have you ever been watching Game of Thrones and thought, “I wish this was more like His Dark Materials! Except cute!” If so, we have found the greatest tumblr in history. A Song of Ice and Pokemon pairs your favorite characters from ASOIAF with their equivalent Pocket Monster, essentially giving everyone a daemon that perfectly expresses their inner quality. As you can see, Dany and Aerodactyl are already getting along great, and with such a powerful monster at her side, the last Targaryen should be invading King’s Landing in no time.


Tywin always struck us as a cat person. The Starks can keep their wolves—Persian’s volatile personality and elegance are a perfect fit for the Lannisters.


Naturally Sansa and Vulpix would be BFFs. Outwardly vulnerable, and pretending to be weak to avoid attacks, they both have more strength than they show. Sansa’s fox-ish qualities have allowed her to survive in King’s Landing, and honestly it’s just good to see her finding a new pal after the loss of Lady….


Speaking of Stark daughters, Arya’s got a new friend, too! Haunter can be a bit of a prankster, so it makes sense that he’d be drawn to a girl who used to “sheepshift” her sister all the time.


Cersei Beedrill

Cersei’s poisonous stingers tend to take the form of verbal cuts and occasional assassination attempts, but they are no less venomous. Plus, she and Beedrill share a highly territorial nature. Love only your hive.


Brienne Lucario

There’s no better brother-in-arms for Brienne than the loyal Lucario. They both can be a bit prideful, have a strong sense of justice, and tend to stay away from human interactions as much as possible. We’re betting with the extra muscle around, Brienne might even have found a way to save Renly.


Samwell’s battle with insecure neuroses and his general uselessness (at least at the outset of the series) can be pretty migraine-inducing, which makes him a perfect companion for Psyduck. Often mocked, but still beloved by fans, we’d watch these two waddle around the North together forever.


And of course there’s going to be at least one Pokemon who has no interest in teaming up, but wants to make his own bid for the Throne:

Check out more of Pokemon pairings here, and suggest your own!


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