Artist Depicts Kids Pretending to Be Favorite Star Wars and Wizard of Oz Characters

Artist Craig Davison has a gorgeous painted series starring kids playing pretend as their favorite heroes. This Princess Leia is making us cry with her headphone hairdo and hair dryer blaster, mainly because we’ve been there and that was the easiest way to put that costume together for real.

Below we’ve got examples of droids, wicked witches and more! It’s time to relive all those perfect costumes you made out of toilet paper and safety pins and tape….



R2 and 3PO made for the best with creative costume options. So many trash cans harmed…

Star Wars, R2 and 3PO, Craig Davison


Getting Boba Fett’s t-shaped visor was the hardest thing. Outside of a box, there weren’t many easy ways to play that one.

Star Wars, Boba Fett, Craig Davison


This Han has the perfect attitude. And paper towel roll blaster.

Star Wars, Han Solo, Craig Davison


The quartet from The Wizard of Oz! The Cowardly Lion is a girl! YES.

Wizard of Oz, Craig Davison


And the Wicked Witch—she’s having all the fun. Rightly so.

Wicked Witch, Craig Davison


Check out more over at 22 Words!

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