Passing the TARDIS Key in These Perfect Doctor Who Cosplay Photos

Sure, the Doctor’s companions have to be given keys to the blue box kingdom, but we never get an official pass from Doctor to Doctor on account of… well, we assume he just fishes it out of his pocket and puts it in the next pair of trousers. But the dr-when Tumblr used cosplay as a perfect excuse to picture this moment and, what, we’re fine, we cry at cosplay photos all the time…

It’s just a perfect mini trilogy….

dr-when tumblr doctor who cosplay

dr-when tumblr doctor who cosplay

dr-when tumblr doctor who cosplay

Take good care of her, boys. No one loves you more in all the universe.

And you should probably go check out the dr-when Tumblr because he seems like an all-around awesome person and looks super dapper dressed as any Doctor.


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