Don’t Hate the D&D Playa, Hate the GM

Ice-T has played many roles in his life: soldier, gangsta rapper, founding member of metal band Body Count, Detective Fin Tutuola on Law & Order SVU, husband of Coco (whom we love forever, because she once brought a puppy to our office!), and reality TV star. He has acted in Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo, Johnny Mnemonic, Leprechaun in the Hood, and of course Tank Girl, in which he played a mutant kangaroo. Ice-T lives his life like he wants to leave a good story for the rest of us to tell. So what’s the next step for such a man? Apparently, reading a Dungeons and Dragons novel.

In the latest episode of Ice T’s Final Level Podcast, he explains that he took the job before he realized the book was a role-playing game spinoff. Even though, as his filmography shows, he’s no stranger to genre material, the language the audiobook requires presented a challenge, because apparently, “…they didn’t tell me this was a motherfuckin’ Dungeons & Dragons book.” He went on to explain to his listeners that D&D is “some of the most crazy, deep, deep nerd shit,” before saying, “Motherfuckers talk like Yoda.”

He didn’t reveal the title of the book, but assured everyone that he was going to finish the project, even though it’s “impossible,” and it took him over three hours to record 25 pages. He thinks “It’ll be a treat to watch me, with my South Central-educated ass, trying to read some Dungeons & Dragons shit.” Which, well, yes. Yes, it will. We can’t wait for this thing. And we are totally on board for a game if Ice-T wants to take his new found roleplaying enthusiasm to the next level! We’re thinking…chaotic neutral rogue?


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