Morning Roundup: It’s a Winter Carnival on Hoth!

Our new hero Doug Brewbaker and two friends spent more than 70 hours constructing their Star Wars-themed entry into Lansing, Michigan’s “Cardboard Classic” race. Brewbaker’s 7-foot, 8-inch-tall AT-AT walker was made entirely of cardboard and tape, and mounted on what could best be described as a cardboard toboggan. The maiden voyage lasted about 15 glorious seconds. We wish we could have seen it in person.

Morning Roundup reluctantly turns its gaze from Hoth toboggans to share links! To other interesting things! Like Ron Moore, a voice crying in the wilderness who wants a return to smart science fiction, news about Amazing Spider-Man 2, and, finally, a tale of transformation! Well, a massive compilation video of Transformers. It’s pretty great.


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