American Gods Coming to TV! Now with Bonus Anansi Boys!

OK, so Anansi Boys probably won’t be the musical we’re longing for, but according to Neil Gaiman’s latest blog post, it will be a TV show! UK’s Red Productions will be bringing it to the screen, and presumably the rest of the world will get it soon after. In other fabulous new, we are getting the American Gods adaptation…eventually. While HBO’s production has fallen through, Fremantle Media, which produces The Tomorrow People and the upcoming series The Returned, will be working to bring the show to life soon. Gaiman wrote about the new deal on his blog, regretting that the old work with Tom Hanks’ company Playtone had ended, but saying, “Stefanie Berk, who had been one of the brightest stars at Playtone, had recently moved to Fremantle, and was as determined as she had been when she was at Playtone to bring American Gods to the screen. And I was impressed by her determination.”

Soon our televisions will positively burst with the dramas of old gods, new tech, and divine karaoke!



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