Artist Creates 12th Doctor Costume Designs That We Wish Were Real

While we’re still reserving judgement on Peter Capadi’s Doctor costume, many of us had been hoping that this costume would take a few more… stylistic risks. To the rescue is Michael P. Heneghan, an artist from Philadelphia, who put his designs up on his Tumblr for alternate versions that might have been attempted.

We… kinda like them better. Maybe for next time? As you can see, the example to the right has a sort of Inspector Spacetime vibe, but grown up. Also, that hat is boss.

This one is actually very similar to what they ended up with for Capaldi (there’s another option he drew up here called the Last Date, that’s almost exactly like what they went with), just with a few more bells and whistles:

This one is fun in a kinda pirate-like way. Big fans of the frock coat. And it’s high time that a Doctor (other than the War Doctor) had a beard—beards are in! He could be a hipster Doctor!

Really, this one might be the best. It has a bit of that Doc Brown feel to it, but updated. The wild jumpers, a leather jacket that fits. And keeping Amy’s glasses! We would cry all the tears. Yeah, we’d have been all over this.

There are more examples on Heneghan’s Tumblr and you should totally check it out.


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