Thor and Frigga Discuss Their Loki Problem in Deleted Scene From Thor: The Dark World

Ugh, some scenes just should never be cut, no matter what they do to a movie’s pacing. This bit that was pulled out of Thor: The Dark World shows Thor and his mother talking about Loki (right after her conversation with her younger son in his cell), and it’s gouging all our wounds wide open.

Stop making us feel things.

The scene also offers some helpful continuity cues that were unclear in the film—Frigga vanishes from Loki’s cell not because she’s done speaking with him, but because Thor has snuck up on her, and she’s not supposed to be in contact with him.

She admits to Thor that she taught Loki her magic because Thor and Odin cast big shadows over the younger prince, and she wanted him to have “some sun of his own.” So basically, she taught Loki magic so he would feel special. And she still doesn’t regret having done so.

Which basically makes us feel like this:


Also, we now know that one of the scenes they shot in post-production was the scene between Loki and Odin, which apparently wasn’t in the original script. Whoa. Kinda weird imagining how the movie would have read with that never shown.


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